Welcome at the fishmarket!

When you open the doors to Pesca, don’t expect a traditional restaurant. We’ve thrown out all the old rules, so no more menu's or table service. It’s all about the experience at our fish market. After a warm welcome, you will be guided by one of our fishmongers who will help you choose your fish for that evening! You will be informed how much fish you need in order to share a lovely meal with your table. Next stop is the wine market, where you can select from a range of different wines or beers. Ask our sommelier for their suggestions. Once at your table, wait for the buzzer to ring and pick up your food at the kitchen. Happy sharing!

No more foodwaste!

Did you hear the bell ring? During the course of the evening the fishmongers will lower the price of the fish! The fish market has a dynamic pricing structure, depending on daily supply, seasonal availability and weather conditions. We aim for the best quality fish for the lowest price! A bonus being that we also greatly reduce our food waste. Still hungry later on? Check out the fish market for bargain prices! 




Doing things differently!

Pesca opened its' doors mid 2016 thanks to crowdfunding! In that year the restaurant won the prize for ‘Best Hospitality Concept’ awarded by Entree Magazine. Our entire team works in profit sharing model, which is a new style of management.